Welcome to Gatta Brava - a blog dedicated to celebrating womanhood, exploring feminism and enjoying femininity, openly, unapologetically and audaciously.

Every woman has at least one of her kind as a role model, an inspiration, a personal heroine. Those can be our mothers and grandmothers, teachers and mentors, famous public and historical figures or fictional characters from film and literature. As we admire their beauty and boldness, sometimes we tend to unsee our own. Often do we forget that we ourselves are inspirational to other girls, women and even men who admire our talent or skill to do something we don't see as particularly grand or to simply manage through life head high. Yes, we are somebody's heroines too and a reminder to that is indeed welcome.

"Be the heroine of your life, not the victim."
Nora Ephron

In a still patriarchal and gender-biased world with devouring consumerism, rising populism and mass-obsession with image and appearance of both people and things, many women feel disenfranchised, under-appreciated, misrepresented and held up against artificially created and imposed standards. Women are still being bombed with how they should dress, look, love, act and think, while shuttles are being sent to space, electric cars sold and tomatoes without seeds in them grown.

Overwhelmed by these impossible demands, modern women too often miss a moment to stop for a breath to honor and celebrate their wholeness as human beings and, yes, their femaleness, both collective and individual.

Women's sites and magazines today are reducing this sacred notion to beauty tricks and hacks, rigorous diets and oversimplified advice about being a good wife/housewife/lover/beach babe/all of the above and usually for someone else’s pleasure or comfort. There is an incredible lack of inspirational and deeply thought pieces about subjects closer to the essence of being a woman.

Gatta Brava (Italian for “the good cat”, which is in some cultures an expression for a strikingly bold and beautiful woman) seeks to fill this void with content that empowers women who go on to empower each other. It is meant for those who know that there is much more to being a woman than mastering the craft of reshaping your face and body, marriage and motherhood as social mandates or giving pleasure as your daily choir.

Gatta Brava is a place for exploring the challenges of being a woman in a world tailored to men and by men, while enjoying womanhood and indulging their femininity to the fullest. Together we tackle the issues that concern and interest women, inspire and encourage them to be who they are or wish to be or simply remind them to enjoy life while mastering the art of being the bolder sex.

For a woman is a fighter and a caregiver, a wind and a rock, both reason and emotion, a domina and a coquette and much more and beyond.

Be bold to be what you are, your own kind of beautiful.


She flies with her own wings.